Julie Bowen Julie Bowen

Between LA's crazy winds, the East Coast's flooding rains and the single-digit temps we're already seeing in between, the weather outside sure has been frightful. But TV is so delightful lately, what with all the holiday-themed episodes crowding our on-screen guides and DVR schedules. Tuesday gave us Syfy's shiny new offerings, tonight has a bunch of NBC shows celebrating in grand style, and last night, ABC's comedies got into the spirit.

And while each of the alphabet net's shows were wildly different in their approach to the season of giving (or almost getting arrested, in Happy Endings' case), we can totally see ourselves enjoying them during Christmases future. Which got us thinking about some of the best Christmas and Chanukah episodes out there. Like Beverly Hills, 90210's take on "It's a Wonderful Life" with the near-school bus crash. Or Friends' holiday armadillo. Or even, Santa pray for us, South Park's Mr. Hankey.

So let's open it up to the whole class. Which shows would nominate for television's Holiday Episode Hall of Fame? And why?

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