Ed Cotton Ed Cotton

Whoa. Is Ed Cotton on fire or what?!

Maybe it was the change in locale from the Beltway to Singapore, but the food guru from New York's Plein Sud was cooking with gas — and some out-there ingredients — last night during the first half of Top Chef: D.C.'s finale. Not only did he score immunity (while jet-lagged) by crushing the street-food Quickfire Challenge, Cotton also took his third elimination-round win and served up some humble pie to Angelo. Yes, Angelo Sosa, the man who bragged about his Asian culinary chops, the man who has long been considered a lock, the man who has spent the entire season telling everyone within camera-range that he's the best... wasn't the best. Twice in one episode! How you like them rambutans?

Of course, Angelo could still walk off with the grand prize — there's one episode left and Ed is already getting a little cocky — but from the tease for next week's final cook-off, it looks like an ailing Sosa may be at a serious disadvantage.  Hope it wasn't something he ate. Or cooked! 

So, who do you think is gonna win Top Chef?

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