Brendon and Rachel, <i>Big Brother 12</i> Brendon and Rachel, Big Brother 12

To all those reality bashers who go on about "oh, it's so edited, blah blah wah," go watch some of Showtime 2's uncut, unedited live feed from the Big Brother house and then we'll talk. Because, for real, this thing is boring. Thursday night's three-hour edition of Big Brother After Dark felt like three seasons, and still, nothing happened. It was just a bunch of Britney blathering on about her luggage being screened by the crew and Ragan wrongfully assuming we'd label him "the shirtless hottie" if he got into the hot tub, while the rest of the roomies wandered around eating, checking themselves out in reflective surfaces, and, no lie, yawning. Oh, and then there was the uncomfortably silent stretch of the guys playing pool, which was broken only by a discussion about Raisin Bran. Again, no lie.

Tragically, the only thing that shattered the monotony was the teasing possibility of the Patrón-soaked Rachel getting a little somethin' from Brendon. But even their HoH bedroom rub-up got tired after a 20-minute "I care about you" conversation that went nowhere and, worse yet, never explained what the knockout hard-body sees in that annoying redhead. Sorry, but after this dazzling display of dull, it's a no-brainer: Bring on the editors and be thankful that they wade through all of that footage and fix us up with a prime-time package that's way more watchable than this Big snooze.

Are you watching these live-feeds from the Big Brother crib?

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