Ashley Hebert Ashley Hebert

It's the most wonderful time of the year! When hot, fit men turn into sniping, needy freaks who run to any camera they can find to trash each other. That's right... it's The Bachelorette jock block!

However, as opposed to seasons past, the guys combined their powers of spite to single out a lone victim last night — handsome, happy, painfully attractive Ryan P. — instead of turning against each other willy-nilly. And once our dim little dumpling Ashley Hebert jetted them all off to Thailand (go ahead, insert your own Phuket joke if you must), it was on.

Like the sheen of Southeast Asian perspiration dotting the brawny boys' brows, their disdain for front-runner Ryan was just as evident. Whether it was envy over his stolen time with Ash during the Extreme Makeover: Thai Orphanage date or distrust at his perpetually sunny disposition, the guys just couldn't contain their true colors, and they were all shades of green. Boring Blake even went so far as to corner the smiley solar-energy salesman to make him feel bad for being so positive. Seriously, one guy told another guy that he was too nice. And that the other guys didn't like him because of that! It was like Mean Girls with shaved chests and special guest Chris Harrison.

And you know what? We'll take it. Better the boys getting bitchy than Ashley going on and on and on about Bentley. We get it, he left you. You had something really "special" after those three episodes together. Saying his name 40-plus times is not going to bring him back. Oh wait, looks like it will... next week!

Can you imagine how catty the guys are gonna get once Bentley returns? Or is all of this just too much for you now?

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