Brad Womack Brad Womack

Last night, our buff Bachelor had his hometown dates with the final four ladies looking to land themselves a slab of Brad and, sorry folks, he had, like, no chemistry on display. With any of them!

Maybe it's that Brad was completely freaked out about having to meet four different families (even though he has had televised practice with this parental gauntlet routine). Maybe having to wear a shirt makes him socially awkward. Maybe it's that five weeks of competitive dating does not a couple make.

Whatever. We just expected the ladies — drama-queen divorcee Chantal, plain-Jane dentist Ashley, overly-enthusiastic mortician Shawntel and Playboy-caliber widowed mom Emily — to spark a little bit more with the guy they keep saying they want to marry. Instead, we got awkward lunch chit-chat, one horrifically un-sexy explanation of the embalming process (smooth, Shawntel), and a meet-and-greet with Emily's kid that marked the show's first-ever appearance by a female who acted completely normal in front of a camera. Hell, Brad even clicked more with Chantal's father after 10 minutes in their ginormous mansion than he did with the man's daughter the entire episode.

Not exactly what one hopes for this close to the finale, so here's hoping things exponentially improve for Brad and the trio he kept around for next week's fantasy dates. Otherwise, we could be in for the least dramatic "most dramatic final rose ceremony ever." And nobody wants Chris Harrison to have to sell us that kind of line, right?

Agree? Or were you feeling the love on The Bachelor last night?

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