Archer Archer

OK, we hear it all the time, usually in whispers or preceded by "I know it's weird but..." So we're just gonna come out at say it for ya: Sterling Archer is hot.

Who cares if he's a narcissistic doofus, a total mama's boy, or even that he's animated? The super-spy has the body of Kellan Lutz, the face of a masculine Zac Efron, a sexy job, and the mouth of a trucker. If you can find a catch like that on eHarmony, our hats are off to ya. Plus, he makes us laugh a ton, which is a lot more than we can say about some human heroes on TV these days. In fact, all of Archer cracks us up, as we were reminded last night with the raunchy cartoon returned for its third season with none other than Codename: Duchess' man-crush, Burt Reynolds, voicing himself.

Oh yeah, it was rich. Packed with shout-outs to Reynolds' greatest flicks, several really unprintable one-liners (mostly about genitalia), and a potential romance for Malory, the combo of such an iconic action figure and TV's most ironic one was a priceless pairing of show and guest star. Hopefully, the writers and FX will find a way to bring Burt back for more episodes, if only to teach the rest of the ISIS team how to properly execute a car chase while facing down a Cuban hit squad. If he maybe wanted to convince our boy Archer to pose for a Cosmo centerfold while he's at it, we're sure nobody would mind.

Did you watch Archer last night? Or did you wake up in a mental ward with total amnesia under someone else's name?

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