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Thank God Jennifer was able to pull herself together after Wednesday's so not staged "breakdown," because this train needs to get moving and last night, we finally headed out of the station. After what feels like two dozen weeks of auditions, Randy, Steven and Weepy McLopez made their "final judgment" (as Seacrest boomingly kept calling the ep, like God crossed with Guy Smiley) and unleashed on the world American Idol Season 10's Top 24...

  • J-Lo suck-up and MySpace auditioner Karen Rodriguez
  • Neo-soul goddess Naima Adedapo
  • Mullet revivalist and major crooner Robbie Rosen
  • Aaron Paul-meets-Mumford and Sons cutie Paul McDonald
  • McDonald's impressive "Blackbird" partner Kendra Chantelle
  • Hollywood Week's lyrics-botching Tatynisa Wilson
  • Jacee-shunner Clint Gamboa (boo!)
  • Deep-voiced teen Scotty McCreery, who wins big points for being a bigger man than Clint Gamboa.
  • Adam Lambert-lite crybaby James Durbin.
  • Rodeo Barbie, er...Lauren Alaina, who could be either the next Kelly Clarkson or Jessica Sierra, depending on how things go for her.
  • Seth Rogan's more talented lost brother, Casey Abrams
  • Future Pussycat Doll Julie Zorilla
  • Pia Toscano, the one who looks like Julie Zorilla, but isn't.
  • Diva-fabulous Ashthon Jones
  • Ab-fabulous Jovany Barreto
  • America's Got Talent alum Thia Megia
  • Kinda screechy Hailey Reinhart
  • Fiona Apple-ish Season-six returnee Rachel Zevita
  • Overrated group-round bossypants Jordan Dorsey
  • Over-the-top wailer Jacob Lusk
  • Dopey-cute Tim Halpern (not to be confused with dopey-cute Jim Halpern)
  • Lauren Turner, the big-haired belter who would really benefit from a crème rinse.
  • Babyfaced crash survivor Stefano Langone
  • Sweetly innocent Brett Loewenstern, whose former bullies can now officially suck it.

Some are huge no-brainers, others may make your head hurt, some definitely make our ears hurt. So which ones are you down with? Which ones were you rooting for that didn't make the cut? And more importantly, which ones do we think have some sort of criminal past that TMZ will be digging up in the coming weeks?

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