Casey Abrams Casey Abrams

So many singers left, so much to say. And god bless yas, you American Idol fans have no trouble saying it! So in honor of this week's Top 11 attack on the music of Sir Elton John, we offer a Twittercooler round-up of your cattiest, cleverest, most critical comments about the wannabes who are still standing.

#idol Too much of the same old sound. Sorry, Scotty heard it all before

Beam me up #Scotty

I love how J Lo and Randy seem to be all bonded and Steven is the crazy a** drunk uncle #idol

I think #Paul has less range than #Scotty? Like them both for niche but not going to win #AI

#Naima reggae with a fake accent. Really? I want to vote for everyone else just so it equals a no vote for her.

@redcoloredstars the guitar all the time. You're like a different performer and it's AMAZING the difference. #Idol

#idol Paul that performance could put you on the chopping block

I don't care what Pia sings ... she just gets me every time #idol

Oh God Pia....just be done already. BORING #Watching #AI10 #Idol

It hurts my soul when people butcher an Elton John song #IDOL #AI

Who dressed Ryan tonight. Ugh...jacket. #idol

This Stefano kid is really, really good. #Idol

@southerncharm88're fired. Wait, wrong show. #idol

I love the red piano. Love Tiny Dancer. Don't love Stefano. #idol

Stop trying to make Lauren happen #idol

I actually liked Lauren tonight, but I'm sick of these ballads. Pass the rusty knife! Sad that I can't wait for James to come on

James looks like an emo Cabbage Patch doll #idol?

Isn't it a little too soon for pyrotechnics? #idol #overkill

@MCRmySoldier87 Jacquelyn
James. He's the closest thing to a rocker this season. But honestly, he doesn't do much for me. #Idol #RockSnob

On a scale of 1 to Lee Dewyze, I wonder how boring Thia will be tonight. #idol

Thia is boring me to tears #Idol

RIP Casey Abrams' Fantastic Beard #idol

I just want to hug Casey. And like, eat pie with him. #idol

OMG Casey cut hair and trimmed hair and is actually kinda hot and singing a ballad. Liking #idol

I hope Jacob cries tonight. He looks like he's going to. #idol

Well, here goes Jacob sounding like a cross between a broken-down Luther Vandross and a short-changed pimp again. #Idol

I vote we don't do Elton night next season. Tonight has been HORRIBLE! #Idol

Jacob was crazy ugly singing tonight, but that boy can SANG!!! #Idol

I can't stand Haley and I do not like this at all. PLEASE be 1 of the 2 going home. Can't take anymore of her. #Idol

I really LOVE Haley's voice if she'd just stop that growl thing. Honestly she has amazing range. #ai #idol

Haley was the best of the night??? #RandyLies #Idol

As you can see, reactions were as mixed online as they were at the judges' table. But what did you think of last night's show?