Trevor Donovan,Jessica Stroup, Michael Steger Trevor Donovan,Jessica Stroup, Michael Steger

Nothing like a little earthquake to shake things up, huh?

Last night, 90210's West Bev kids came back for their third season with some major action. And more than just the big earth-rumbling variety, too. In fact, the emotional aftershocks of their first day of school may very well set the stage for the whole season, and if that's the case, we're in for a wild senior year.

Think about it. With Teddy's knee injury ending his tennis career (and increasing his drinking), the living Ken doll could become messed up enough to A) make the character interesting for more than just his abs, and B) move him closer to coming out of the closet. Same with Naomi, whose post-rape trauma seems to be triggering the sort of self-destructive spiral that could finally move her out of the "unsympathetic bitch" department and into "loving her" territory, alongside the always awesome Silver.

And Adrianna? Well, everyone knows she's the show's secret weapon, so yay for pop star Javier's death-by-limo-crash, leaving Adrianna with a bundle of his un-produced music and even more storyline potential. Now if only the producers could find the proper baddie for these besties to battle. Maybe Ivy? Because that hum-drum hippie still doesn't rock our world.

What do you think? Are you feeling 90210?

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