Trevor Donovan Trevor Donovan

Finally! After spending the last three months slow-burning the "Teddy likes boys" storyline, we finally got the goods on 90210. And it was kind of hot, right? And, better yet, the big moment wasn't hyped to death, so we also got a bit of a surprise when Teddy grabbed Ian — the classmate he hooked-up with (off-screen) during a blackout at the start of the season — and planted a big ol' sloppy on the kid while they were cleaning up after a West Bev luau. How's that for putting the "man" in manual labor?

The build-up, of course, has been the fun of Season 3 (God knows anything with Ivy isn't). Proving to be more than a human Ken doll, Trevor Donovan's doing a solid job playing golden-boy Teddy's confusion, denial and fear. Not that he should be too worried about his friends' reactions. Ade was gay for a hot minute last season and this isn't 1950. Or the military.

Anyway, it looks like blondie's gonna have to deal with all of that sooner rather than later now that he's gone and cracked the lock on his closet door. Those kinds of secrets tend to come out faster than, well, Teddy has, around these parts. Plus, February sweeps is just around the bend. So really, the only question is who might have a problem with Teddy's true identity? Liam could use a better plot. Or maybe we'll see the ugly side of some of the grownups.

Have any theories on how the 90210 gang might handle the hunk's bombshell? Share below!

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