James Marsden and Dean Winters James Marsden and Dean Winters

Well kiss the Blarney Stone and pour us some Lucky Charms! 30 Rock went green last night for St. Patty's Day and if you saw it, the luck of the Irish was surely on your side. Because once again, the sitcom NBC reschedules every six weeks served up yet another hearty holiday episode.

Like the show's most memorable special occasions — Ludachristmas, Sandwich Day, MLK Day, Anna Howard Shaw Day, Leap Day, hell, we'll even throw in Gerhard Hapsburg's birthday — St. Patty's was a cause for celebration. And not just for the return of Dean Winters as Dennis, "the former lover of Liz's," or the random jokes about America Ferrera, Burning Man and Jenna Elfman. No, this one had us choking on our Shamrock Shakes over Jack's foray into fantasy role-playing gaming. It's always a good time when Alec Baldwin gets a good chunk of story, and the sight of his buttoned-down Donaghy applying business tactics and macroeconomic theories to Colonizers of Malar, the writing staff's geeked-out strategy game, was a win across the board.

Another reason to raise a glass of green beer? Liz (Tina Fey) in love! At first, we were as uncomfy as she was with her being in a relationship, but the longer James Marsden hangs around as Criss, the more we're hearting the idea of Lemon as a romantic character. Now let's just hope that she doesn't mess it like she did with Carol the pilot. And Floyd. And The Hair. And Drew. 

Now excuse us, we have to go pick out an all-orange outfit for tomorrow. While we do, why don't you let us know what you thought of the episode down in the comments! 

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