Melanie Amarro, The X Factor Melanie Amarro, The X Factor

On this eve of Thanksgiving, before you all go out and enjoy the biggest drinking night of the year, we'd like to go around the virtual table that is and share what we're most grateful for this year. There have been so many blessings — the grungy glory of Sons of Anarchy, Rachel Bilson coming back to TV, Adam Levine's butt in jeans — that it's impossible for us to pick just one thing. So here's a list of some of our favorite TV gifts of 2011. Enjoy... and please, add your own lists below!

  1. The X Factor's Melanie Amaro
  2. The increasing heat going on with Beckett and Castle
  3. Baby Bones
  4. Fairy tales coming true on Grimm and Once Upon a Time
  5. Peter Bishop finally returning to Fringe
  6. Leah Remini finally leaving The Talk
  7. Glee finally giving Santana and Mercedes something to do
  8. Every shot of Revenge's Madeleine Stowe on her balcony
  9. That final shot of Breaking Bad's Gus
  10. The fact that Pretty Little Liars never fails to kick "A"
  11. The fact that Teen Wolf totally succeeded in making MTV cool again
  12. The Vampire Diaries' Ripper Stefan. And Caroline. So much love for Caroline.
  13. New Girl's devotion to nerdism as an aphrodisiac.
  14. Joe Manganiello aversion to clothes on True Blood
  15. The Good Wife getting a little nasty
  16. The death of The Playboy Club
  17. The resurrection of Arrested Development
  18. Late nights with Jimmy Fallon
  19. The sheer awesomeness of ABC's Wednesday nights
  20. The welcome characters of the USA Network's entire lineup
  21. Melissa McCarthy, Emmy winner
  22. Archer, It's Always Sunny and The League — if loving FX's crude-coms is wrong, we don't wanna be right
  23. Downton Abbey, Season 2!
  24. Syfy's silly, sexy standout, Warehouse 13
  25. Rubber Man

Now you! What TV are you thankful for this year?

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