Question: I was watching last week's Veronica Mars when they showed Logan's e-mail address on screen, and I decided to send off a message. Would you believe he wrote me back in character? Was this a staff member?

Answer: After receiving your tip, I did what any self-respecting TV sleuth would do: I sent "Logan" an e-mail myself to see if you were telling me the truth or just spewing tall tales between bong hits. Lo and behold, within seconds I received a response from Logan that went like this:

I already have the tapes and destroyed them. If you want to hound someone, why don't you hound Veronica Mars. She can be reached at:


Cool, eh? Well, the plot thickens. Moments letter, another e-mail came through this one from Rick Pickett, a graphic designer for Veronica Mars, who proceeded to explain that he "uses these real e-mail accounts [because] it's easier, and more realistic. I then set up to have a bounce-back message for fans, and there're a lot of them who write to the address. I realized after Episode 21 from last season how dedicated fans were with these details. It's like the whole 867-5309 phenomenon they will try it out. I figured I'd give them a little excitement for their efforts. I've gotten roughly 80 emails for Logan's e-mail and 50 for Inga. Some play along with the script and what's going on, offering money, favors, etc." Um, only 80 e-mails for Logan? Guys, whaddaya say we add to that total a little bit? Here's that address again, Go to it.