To paraphrase Reductress, you can't be liked by everyone — unless you're Jerry Harris from Cheer. The breakout star of the Netflix docuseries and personification of joy, Jerry is one of the few people that we as a society all not only agree on but love. Even Hollywood's top stars agree!

Ellen DeGeneres sent Jerry to the Oscars on Sunday where the college cheerleader interviewed all the stars on the red carpet, including Brad Pitt, Regina King, Billie Eilish, and Al Pacino. And Jerry wasn't the only one who got starstruck during the once in a lifetime experience. More often than not, the stars were just as overwhelmed to meet Jerry as he was to meet them!

"I don't know what's going to beat this moment right now. I feel like I manifested you in front of me," said Greta Gerwig, who was nominated on Sunday for Little Women's screenplay.

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While Kathy Bates literally bowed to Jerry and Lin-Manuel Miranda begged him to not spoil whether or not Jerry ever made it to mat for Daytona, Idina Menzel jumped at the chance to experience Jerry's famed inspirational powers for herself. The Broadway legend, who sang Frozen 2's "Into the Unknown" on the Oscars stage later that night, asked Jerry to mat talk her prior to the big performance, to which he happily obliged. "You got it! I believe in you! You're gonna kill it!" Jerry declared to a thrilled Menzel.

Ellen should really consider giving Jerry a recurring segment because this video is everything.

Cheer is available to stream on Netflix.

Jerry Harris, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Vanessa Nadal; <em>Ellen DeGeneres</em>Jerry Harris, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Vanessa Nadal; Ellen DeGeneres