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Watch Truth Be Told Stars Octavia Spencer and Aaron Paul Fail at Spotting Lies About Each Other

It turns out these two don't know as much about each other as they thought

Malcolm Venable

Truth Be Told, the new true crime drama from Apple TV+ starring Octavia Spencer and Aaron Paul, plays with perceptions of truth and falsity. The story, adapted from the novel by Kathleen Barber, has Spencer playing Poppy Parnell, a journalist who suddenly becomes deeply concerned that her coverage of a murder may have wrongfully put a 17-year-old kid, Warren Cave (Paul), in prison. As she revisits the story on her podcast, new revelations, complications, and mysteries as to what actually happened emerge, sending Parnell on a journey that gets more twisty than she ever could have imagined.

Octavia Spencer and Aaron Paul Face Off in Apple's Truth Be Told Trailer

TV Guide sat down with the cast in Los Angeles recently, and though we had plenty of questions about Poppy's passion project, we had even more burning questions about how well the A-list cast (Lizzy Caplan, Michael Beach, Mekhi Phifer, and Elizabeth Perkins also star) could actually spot a truth or a lie. What better way, we figured, to find out just how good the Truth Be Told cast is at spotting truths than to ask them about each other? We dug up some obscure trivia and public facts about the stars, blended those in with some lies that sounded plausible enough, and tried to see if we could stump these professional shape-shifters.

Is Octavia Spencer really such a detective novel buff she thinks she could've been a gumshoe? Does Aaron Paul own an El Camino? Did Mekhi Phifer really almost become a tradesman instead of an actor? Check out their guesses in the video, and find out which Truth Be Told star can't be fooled no matter how good the "facts" sound.

Truth Be Told begins streaming on Apple TV+ Dec. 6.