Jon Stewart returned to the Daily Show on Monday, and he was mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.

A bearded, casually dressed "Papa" interrupted Trevor Noah's monologue to talk about a cause very close to his heart: the heroism of 9/11 first responders, and how the government has let them down. The Zadroga Act — a federal bill providing health services and financial aid to gravely ill 9/11 recovery workers named for the first police officer whose death was confirmed to be as a result of exposure to toxic airborne chemicals at Ground Zero — expired on Oct. 1. Stewart, who advocated for the passage of the Zadroga Act during his tenure as host of the Daily Show, was disgusted with lawmakers' mistreatment of these heroes who got sick as a result of their service. So he took a camera crew to Washington, D.C., to shame senators who voted against renewing the bill, thinking that it might be an effective motivator.

Most of the lawmakers hid, but Stewart was able to get a hold of Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH), who did later change his vote to support the bill. Shame works! See the results below: