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It's hard to believe, but Watch What Happens: Live is turning 100! The Bravo late-night series — which was recently renewed for a fifth season — will celebrate 100 episodes of mazels, martinis and musical performances Thursday. Thanks to spirited creator and host Andy Cohen, this isn't your average late-night talk show: The guests are loud, the questions are saucy and the bar is always open. In celebration, we look back at five of the best Watch What Happens: Live moments (so far).

Watch What Happens: Live renewed for fifth season

Tina Fey Calls out The Real Housewives:
When Tina Fey stopped by the clubhouse in 2010, she took a page (or a few) from her source material for Mean Girls for a spot-on analysis of The Real Housewives of New York City (complete with Jill Zarin impersonation!). Fey deftly explained that the chaos of Season 3 was all due to Jill losing her Queen Bee status. She also revealed Kelly Killoren Bensimon was "the target" and Alex McCord — surprise, surprise — was identified as the "pleaser/wannabe/messenger."

Watch What Happens: Live: The little late-night show that could

Danielle Staub Table-Dances for Andy:
Ask and you shall receive, Andy! When the host complained about his "boring" guests, former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub was more than happy to oblige him with a table dance. The only thing better than Staub's actual dance — to the tune of her single "Real Close," natch — was Flipping Out's Jeff Lewis, who provided some pretty priceless facial expressions and stuck actual cash in Staub's belt!

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Lord Voldemort Stops by the Clubhouse:
Sure, it's an honor to get Andy's "Mazel of the Week" award, but who would have thunk the honor would get "he-who-shall-not-be-named" to take a break from Harry-hunting to make an appearance? Ralph Fiennes  — wand and all — made a cameo as Lord Voldemort, before breaking character and accepting Andy's invitation to a pajama party.

NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak's Telephone Blowout:
Yes, it's hard to single out just one of the many, many arguments between these two Real Housewives of Atlanta. However, their Watch What Happens: Live dispute stands out as one of the more hilarious, precisely because the mud-slinging was all done via telephone during the ending credits of Watch What Happens: Live. Plus: Listen closely for one of NeNe's earliest catchphrases: "Close your legs to married men!"

The Rap That Started It All:
Anyone who watches Watch What Happens: Live knows that "Andy Cohen's got the 4-1-1" and it's all thanks to the MC skills of Flipping Out's Jenni Pulos, who delivered a catchy rap in Season 1 that would go on to become the show's theme song.

Watch What Happens: Live's 100th episode airs Thursday at 11/10c on Bravo.