The Walking Dead The Walking Dead

Walking Dead-heads, prepare to have you minds blown — and to see some brains blown away!

AMC's undead hit rises again tonight at 9/8c with "zombie stuff like you've never seen before," said executive producer Gale Anne Hurd. Addressing the capacity audience at New York's Comic-Con Saturday afternoon, Hurd, consulting producer Greg Nicotero and series creator Robert Kirkman teased Season 2 with promises of "a bigger story" than last year's staggeringly cool six-episode first season.

"All the crazy stuff you saw last season, we're doing bigger and better [this year]," said Kirkman. And based on the exclusive footage screened for the crowd of a nerve-shredding sequence involving over 150 zombies and our band of survivors on an abandoned Atlanta highway, the scares are definitely super-sized.

"We're working really hard to make sure we deliver," continued Kirkman, the man behind the graphic novels the series is based on. For his part, Hurd says Kirkman has been a daily fixture in the writer's room, making sure the plots that have been laid out in his comics are tweaked to keep viewers surprised (especially the books' iconic Hershel Greene farm arc). Meanwhile, she and Nicotero have been on location in steamy Georgia overseeing the adventures of Rick Grimes and his band of sweaty, zombie-fighting compadres.

The panel, moderated by Nerdist podcast host and comic Chris Hardwick, also featured appearances by several cast members, including Laurie Holden, who hinted that her previously tortured Andrea "will get feisty;" a buzz-cut Jon Berthnal, whose Shane will clearly live longer than his graphic-novel counterpart; and Steven Yeun, who received quite the positive reaction from the fans when he mentioned new cast member and co-panelist Lauren Cohan's role as Maggie might mean romance for his Glenn.

"You might meet some people along the way," Yuen said with a smile of the group's often-deadly search for other survivors. "And to find something to love? That's a great reason to live."

Love among the human ruins? You'd have to be Dead inside not to dig that!

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