Laura Vandervoort Laura Vandervoort

You thought your family had issues? You gotta feel for poor lizard princess Lisa (Laura Vandervoort), caught in the middle of a vicious power struggle between her sinister grandmother Diana (Jane Badler) and her cold, unfeeling mom, Anna (Morena Baccarin). In tonight's Season 2 finale, "Mother's Day," Diana and Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) enlist Lisa to stage a coup against Anna, removing her from power before humanity is destroyed. "Lisa's never felt emotion or warmth from her mother," says Vandervoort. "So for her to be comforted by Erica has hit home. That's what she's thriving on." And in Diana, Lisa has found "someone who can teach her the things her mother hasn't."


Complicating matters, Lisa is also feeling pressure from Anna to breed with boyfriend Tyler (Logan Huffman), in an effort to ensure the Visitors' evolution. Just one problem there: "Lisa has seen sides of Tyler she didn't know existed," says Vandervoort, "and I'm not sure she finds that so attractive. They're being torn apart as she's moving toward protecting the humans, while he's on the Vs' side. In a weird way, they pretty much have swapped mothers."


Some sci-fi fans are even speculating that Lisa may turn out to be Erica's biological daughter — and that Tyler's the spawn of Anna. "Everyone comments on the hair color thing like this was all planned from the beginning," says Vandervoort. "It's sci-fi, so anything's possible... But I don't think so." Mama mia!


V airs Tuesday at 9/8c on ABC.


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