An FBI agent, a conspiracy theorist, a priest and an alien... no, they are not walking into a bar; they are the leaders of the resistance on ABC's V. Unfortunately, the priest, Father Jack (Joel Gretsch), may do more harm than good now that he's been infected with R6, the Visitors' tracking solution. Gretsch tells TVGuide.com that Jack will have to put his morals aside if humanity is to survive. Plus: Who is going to die?

Who will be joining the Fifth Column on V?

TVGuide.com: What are we going to see for the resistance's charge against the Visitors?
Well, right now the resistance is somewhat compromised. Georgie [David Richmond-Peck] is up on the ship. He's such an integral and passionate part of the resistance and he's is in a precarious place. The mission right now is to find him and get him back. That's the drive in Tuesday's episode.

TVGuide.com: Will the resistance continue to grow? And what will we see once they meet John May (Michael Trucco)?
Ryan has all this information about John May that he's keeping from us. It's about what made Ryan human, to a certain degree, and why he fell in love with Val and became a part of the resistance. That's a big thing we're heading toward this week. The whole episode is finding out who John May is, where he is, what happened to him and to what degree he will help the Fifth Column.

Exclusive: V casts Michael Trucco as Fifth Column leader

TVGuide.com: That sounds like a jam-packed episode.
I remember reading the script and all of us actors got together and said, "God, this is such a great episode because the fans are going to get a lot of information." Michael Trucco, playing John May, is wonderful. It's going to be very exciting.

TVGuide.com: Will Father Jack have to choose between being a priest and being a fighter?
Yeah, he will. The episode we're filming now, that question is very much in the forefront. Father Jack is really an unlikely resistance fighter. He's ill-equipped. Even though he was in the war, he was there from more of a spiritual standpoint. Father Jack is a fish out of water, yet he is learning that he's got to do something. He will definitely find his way through this, though it's not an easy road for him and it pushes his moral dilemma.

TVGuide.com: Elizabeth Mitchell said the chemistry between Father Jack and Erica has God as a barrier. Despite that barrier, will they continue to dance around each other?
Yes. There's something very exciting about just working with Elizabeth. Every time we get to the set, we enjoy working together. It's kind of hard not to let that come out when we're doing scenes. With the scenes that are happening, it's an intimate thing. It's a small group of us. It's complex, but it's wonderful in an intimate way that these two are together trying to accomplish taking down the Vs. We do a bit of a dance, which comes from trust. Plus, Elizabeth is a beautiful woman [Laughs]; it's hard not to look at her in a certain way.

V's Elizabeth Mitchell: "It gets better and better"

TVGuide.com: How will the R6 affect Father Jack?
The R6 is a way for the Vs to know where he is. It might be a way that Anna [Morena Baccarin] finds out that Jack [is involved] with the resistance. It definitely comes up in the future. There comes a time when Jack, because of his naïveté, could possibly compromise the resistance. 

TVGuide.com: Because the war is growing, there must be deaths coming to the show. What can you tease?
Anna is on a mission and so are we. When that collides, there will be casualties. There are some very emotional episodes coming up.

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