Morris Chestnut and Elizabeth Mitchell Morris Chestnut and Elizabeth Mitchell

V's war has begun and it's time to choose sides. The question is: Who will join the Visitors and who will join the resistance?

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Though news anchor-turned-Visitor spokesman Chad Dekker (Scott Wolf) has grown close to Anna (Morena Baccarin) — and will continue to, says Wolf — there will be a time when he can't ignore his underlying fear. "We start to see a Chad Dekker who has his better senses telling him that it's time to start paying attention to what might really be going on," Wolf tells

"Once his skepticism and fear take hold, he has to figure out where to go because he can't just run away from the Visitors, but he also can't keep running in the dark. He is really playing both sides, waiting to see who's going to win."

"He starts being pulled in the direction of the resistance," Wolf continues. "When it happens, it feels right. It doesn't feel like we just jammed two characters together because it's fun to watch. It feels like you've been waiting for that moment to happen."

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He's not the only one choosing a side. Anna's daughter, Lisa (Laura Vandervoort), may turn against her mother as well. "Lisa doesn't necessarily know her mother's plans, so she is following blindly," Vandervoort tells "Maybe when she discovers her mother's plans, she'll change her mind. She really is stuck to her mother. Her mother is all-powerful and can take her out in a second if she really wants to, so Lisa has to be careful. For all Lisa knows, the Vs do come in peace."

Though Lisa will turn toward the resistance, it's in a highly different capacity. "She does get a chance to talk to Tyler's mother and tries to, perhaps, get Erica [Elizabeth Mitchell] to like her to better their plans. At the same time, she's getting to know Erica and discovering what it is to have a human mother and how different that is from a V mother."

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So what's Anna's master plan? "By the end of the second chapter of episodes, the audience will have a really clear idea of why they're there," says Wolf.

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