Question: Is Volchok going to be back on The O.C. and face any consequences for Marissas death or for the accident? Also, is Chris Pratts character going to play a love interest for Summer?

Answer: Yes, Volchok will be back, and I think you'll be very satisfied with how that story line gets wrapped up. And regarding Mr. Pratt, I ran into ex-Bright at Fox's fall party (our hilarious video interview will be up soon, if not already), and he revealed that his O.C. stint has been extended to nine episodes, so it sounds to me like there'll be some Summer lovin' for Che. He also mentioned that his real-life honey, Emily VanCamp, was positively giddy about the shout-out I gave her in last week's issue of TV Guide. In case you missed it, I basically ordered Greg Berlanti to cast Em as Patricia Wettig's daughter on my new favorite show, Brothers & Sisters. BTW, I'm adding Chris to my growing list of Favorite Famous People on the Planet (FFPOTP), and you'll see why when you watch our confab.