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Tension was high for The Voice's final four singers during the last performance show, but for the celebrity coaches, love was in the air. No, we don't mean the romantic kind (although we're definitely feeling Adam and Christina's chemistry on "Moves Like Jagger"). We're talking about the camaraderie among the entire team. This week, the guys imbibed (again), while executive producer Mark Burnett continued to give his undying attention to Christina. Plus: Who caught Cee Lo's eye? The nine things you didn't see on TV:

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1. The bromance among Adam, Cee Lo and Blake continues. Are these three cute or what? When Adam and Blake were first introduced, the two embraced in a big hug before taking their seats. Later, it was Adam who gave Cee Lo the loudest voice of support during his duet with Vicci on "Love Is a Battlefield," standing up multiple times and raising his hands in the air early on. Even after the show was done for the night, Blake was heard quietly singing Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" as he crossed the Warner Bros. lot.

2. Drinking games? After last week, we really shouldn't be surprised that Cee Lo and Blake walked out onto the stage with plastic red cups and engaged in some pre-performance libations with Adam from the stage. All three toasted before taking big swigs, followed by Blake taking a sip out of a different cup (possibly a chaser)? Just remember not to mix, guys!

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3. The fighting spirit. While the guys all tipped their red cups to each other when they walked out, X-Tina entered the arena and immediately showed her fighting stance to Blake, putting both fists up in a playful pose. However, Adam crossed the Red Sea _ er, chairs to greet her with a kiss on the cheek. Awww, progress!

4. The clothes aren't going to wear themselves. Before the show went live, much attention was paid to Cee Lo, specifically his bejeweled red robe. Two handlers were on-hand to make sure it laid just right and there was also some last-minute sewing on the elaborate piece — this, all while Cee Lo had his make-up touched up and his forehead wiped a few hundred more times. (Cee Lo said his posse is getting a raise).

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5. Testing out the new threads. Despite the last-minute stitching, Cee Lo had no pause reaching out to the fans in the mosh pit. Just minutes after his crew finished touching up his sleeves, he reached his hands right into the pit and even posed for a picture with the energetic group.

6. Foreshadowing or sex appeal? When the warm-up guy asked the audience to cheer for their favorite team, Team Adam got the biggest reaction. Adam took the mic and told the crowd there are no losers (yeah, whatever) and to give all four finalists some love before adding, "Let's get drunk." We'll have what he's having!

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7. Sit down and shut up. While guest performer Ne-Yo was busy charming the pants off Christina, Cee Lo was trying his best to charm the half-naked dancers. As soon as they walked away from him to another part of the stage, Cee Lo stood up suddenly and took off his sunglasses (maybe to get a closer look or maybe to hypnotize them?) However, a laughing Adam pulled him back down quickly.

8. Playing favorites. As in weeks past, Burnett continued to dote on Christina, laughing and talking with her alone for several commercial breaks. However, Burnett's intent focus allowed time for Cee Lo and Adam to take more sips from those paper cups. Blake also did his best to win favor with the boss, walking over to Burnett when he was talking with Adam and jokingly kissing the producer on the forehead. Watch your back, X-Tina!

9. Meeting the family. Once her promotion duties for Smash were behind her, NBC's head of alternative programming, Paul Telegdy, was more than happy to bring Katharine McPhee to the stage to say hi to Cee Lo and Blake. For those keeping track at home, Cee Lo got a kiss on the cheek and Blake got a rousing high five.