Vicci Martinez, Javier Colon Vicci Martinez, Javier Colon

On Tuesday (9/8c on NBC), The Voice's final four to go head-to-head to see which singer — and just as importantly, which celebrity coach — will be crowned the show's first-ever winner. Is Javier Colon still the one to beat? Can Beverly McClellan's fierce vocals drown out her competitors? Will Dia Frampton steal the title with another show-stopping performance? Or will Vicci Martinez drum up support and come out from behind? ranked the final four singers going into Tuesday's performance show as they prepare to face each other for the first time.

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4. Vicci Martinez, Cee Lo Green
Why She Will Win:
Look no further than her powerful rendition of "Dog Days Are Over" as to why Vicci is a serious force to be reckoned with.  Her electric stage presence and her blues-rocker voice have allowed her to jump from up-tempo numbers to ballads and from pop to rock and back. Vicci also has a formidable fan base — she received the largest percentage of public votes last week when she went up against a thrilling performance from Nakia.
Why She Won't Win:  Although she's been diverse in her song choices, Vicci seems to be the most at home in the rock genre — the same place where Beverly is comfortably nested. Unfortunately, of the two, Beverly has diversified less and is now the bigger name. Also, the rawness of Vicci's voice — which has made her sound pitchy at times — may turn off some voters.

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3. Dia Frampton, Blake Shelton
Why She Will Win:
She's always had impressive pipes, but it was Dia's unforgettable performance of "Heartless" that catapulted this soft-spoken twentysomething to the big leagues. In a year when that other reality competition show failed to deliver much more than glorified karaoke covers, Dia hit it out of the park with her refreshing take and her follow-up performance of "Losing My Religion."
Why She Won't Win: Dia's voice is the most unusual — and therefore dividing — of the final four. When she chooses the right song, like "Losing My Religion," she's hard to beat. However, her more mainstream performances, like "This Love," never quite fit and show she's not as adaptive as her opposition. Dia also grabbed many fans late in the game compared to early frontrunners like Javier and Beverly, which may partly explain why she received the lowest percentage of public support (56 percent) of all the finalists.

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2. Beverly McClellan, Christina Aguilera
Why She Will Win:
The most recent iTunes song chart shows Javier in the lead with Beverly nowhere to be seen. But over on the rock chart, Beverly is still in the top 10 almost a full week after she performed. Javier may be the most mainstream finalist, but Beverly knows how to mobilize her core fan base, the rockers, while also venturing outside of her wheelhouse (see: "The Thrill is Gone"). 
Why She Won't Win: Beverly's wide-ranging song choices are always interesting, but picking less radio-friendly songs (in comparison to Javier, especially) could hurt her in the end. Like Javier, Beverly has been a favorite since the very beginning, giving her an advantage over late bloomer Dia, but she'll need to find the perfect tune that will highlight her strengths and is memorable enough to stay with the viewers long after the credits roll.

1. Javier Colon, Adam Levine
Why He Will Win:
Javier was one of the few to turn all four coaches' chairs around during the blind auditions for good reason. Not only does he have the raw vocal talent, but after several previous failed attempts to break into the business, Javier is probably the most polished finalist. Javier has garnered support from not just the fans, but also coach Adam, who put his full weight behind Javier instead of Casey last week.
Why He Won't Win: Despite his polished pedigree and recording background, Javier has some worrisome habits. His refusal to hold notes out longer  and instead vary his notes all over the scale (read: over-sing) can be grating. What really may weaken Javier's chances is his one-note, and seemingly boring, song choices. Sure, we loved "Time After Time" the first time, but his rendition of "Fix You" last week failed to show any growth and seemed a bit been there, done that.

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