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So much bromance in the air at The Voice. And so, while the Final 8 performed — some for the last time — our burning questions linger. Which coach made the bigger play for Adam's affections this week? Who does executive producer Mark Burnett like best? What are audiences forbidden to do during the show? And exactly how hot does it get during the performance rounds? Here are the 10 things you didn't see on TV this week:

1. The bathroom really does provide the best acoustics. Two weeks ago, we overheard Xenia singing and humming to herself in the ladies' room prior to the show. The extra practice didn't hurt either — Blake advanced the 16-year-old to the finals. This week, Frenchie did her vocal warm-ups — loud and clear for all to hear — while in her stall. When she emerged, relieved, we imagine, others who had to pee praised what they heard. "Thank you so much," she said (after she washed her hands, of course.) "I'm so scared!" Feeling the pressure, Frenchie? "It's a lot. A lot."

10 things you didn't see on The Voice: An Adam and Christina duet and a new bromance?

2. Who loves Adam most? Last week, Cee Lo seemed to have taken the lead in the ongoing battle for Adam's heart. He got that big bromantic bear hug after his team performed the happy romp, "Everyday People." But during the pre-taping of Adam and Christina's duet, "Moves Like Jagger," Blake was clapping and rocking out pretty hard, while Cee Lo sat, perhaps mesmerized, during both times they performed. Point: Blake.

3. Now X-Tina dotes on her fans. Perhaps it's because we all know that she makes $225,000 an episode. Maybe she's just in a better mood now that she's got a hot single on the radio with Adam (Burlesque, what?) For whatever reason, Christina was very nice to the crowd while the camera wasn't rolling before the show. After performing with Adam, she made her way off stage, smiling and slapping the outreached hands of fans on her way out.

4. Shots, Shots, Shots... Shot-shot-shot-EVERYBODY! Don't know why, but Carson, Adam, Blake and Cee Lo did shots right before the show went live. (OK, maybe the boys were drinking out of cheap paper coffee cups but they were toasting! Who's to say they weren't throwing back?) Gotta get well-lubricated for showtime! And didn't Carson look extra jazzed to introduce this week's episode?

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5. Inside, they keep it a balmy 85 degrees. So beyond hair and makeup, most of what is happening during the commercial breaks is sweat-mopping and vigorous fanning. (Also, this week, continuous toasting between the male coaches.) Stars sweat, just like us!

6. But Cee Lo loves his fans the most! After Casey performed her Dolly Parton-esque "I Will Always Love You," he got up to talk to the folks in the pit, the rowdiest group in the house. Hands were shook, "I love you, too's" were said. Awwww.

7. Adam's super proud of "Moves Like Jagger" — and so is Blake. Score another point for Blake! He stood with Adam while watching the pre-taped performance of his duet with Christina. And then Blake started bumping and grinding on him! Yeah, Blake, we feel you. (Moments later, Cee Lo jumped up dancing but the party had already broken up. Gotta be quick, Cee Lo!)

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8. Don't like Javier? Vicci? Xenia? Too bad. There's no booing allowed. Audience members are instructed not to before every show. "It's not the vibe of this show," the warm-up guy says. It's also like mom used to say: If you can't say something nice...

9. The audience's favorite song? Coldplay's "Fix You," by a landslide. When footage from Javier's session with Adam began, and he revealed he was going to channel Chris Martin's slow-and-tender hit, the audience broke out into instant, excited applause. Gotta say, he knows how to get those votes.

10. Who is Mark Burnett's favorite? What about the head of NBC alternative programming? Based on sheer head-bopping, we'd say the show's executive producer pretty much adores Frenchie, who sang "Like a Prayer" to kick off the episode. Meanwhile, we spotted NBC's Paul Telegdy grooving to Nakia's " Whataya Want from Me," originally sung by American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert.