Lady Bird and Cee Lo Green; Purrfect and Cee Lo Green Lady Bird and Cee Lo Green; Purrfect and Cee Lo Green

With bigger teams and new twists, The Voice is gearing up for its most intense season yet. But forget Team Blake versus Team Adam. This year's fiercest battle round is going down between Season 2's Purrfect the Cat and Lady, Cee Lo Green's new love bird for Season 3. So how do the two mascots stack up against each other? We break it down below:

Ever her pink plumage can't distract from the fact that birds, inherently, are just not cute! Lady's piercing claws and vicious beak are designed more for battle than for cuddling and don't exactly scream snuggle-buddy.
Purrfect: While there are those that find flat-faced fluffballs unattractive, we truly believe there's nothing cuter than Purrfect's squashed face and saucer eyes. We could kiss than punim over and over until we were coughing up hairballs.
Winner? Purrfect, no contest.

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Getting Into Character
With Lady Bird on Cee Lo's shoulder, the singer is vaguely reminiscent of a modern day pirate. And while we're not the biggest pirate fan, overall the schtick is a fun gimmick. Plus, the image of Cee Lo captaining the S.S. Red Zone is definitely one for the history books.
Purrfect: With the white long-hair perched on his lap, Cee Lo took his inspiration from the one, the only — Doctor Claw! Cee Lo looks every bit the evil genius we'd want coaching our team.
Point: Purrfect. Doctor Claw would kick any pirate's butt.

A self-described "Dirty Bird," Lady is oddly sexual for a parakeet. At least her propensity for pooping on stage helps to counter her attempts at sex appeal.
Purffect: The dirty jokes would be almost too easy for this furry feline, but (thankfully) she refrains from making any.
Point: Purrfect. Pet's aren't supposed to be sexy (and she knows it).

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This bird sure has claws! Lady uses her Twitter account to throw some shade at her predecessor, dropping in sassy jabs at Purrfect whenever she can. "Pussycat, nobody's stealing your thunder," Lady once wrote. "This bird is SUNSHINE. #JustKeepThatNappyFurOffMe"
Purrfect isn't always an angel, but after getting jilted, she seems to be handling the rejection fairly well. In fact, we think it's down-right philanthropic that Purrfect promised neither "Breakfast," "Lunch" nor "Dinner" are her private nicknames for the pink pet.
Lady. This bird knows no bounds. She even started rumors that Purrfect was currently in rehab for catnip addiction. Me-OW!

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Lady: You don't have to look further than Lady's twitter handle, @CeeLosLady, to see that this bird lives for one thing and one thing only: her dear master Green. In fact, Lady Bird seems to be wholly defined by her relationship with Cee Lo. What about her hopes? Her dreams? It's sad to admit, but this bird is no independent Lady.
Purrfect: She's self-possessed, not possessive and doesn't tear other ladies down to get to the top like some other pets we might know...
Point: Purrfect. Now this is a ladycat we can all look up to!

Final Score
1 Purrfect: 4

Her name says it all. Purrfect truly is just that, and Lady has one hard act to follow this season. Game, set, match!

Are you Team Lady or Team Purrfect?