Aside from who'll win American Idol, the buzz at the MTV Video Music Awards was all about which feuding celebs would do battle when forced together under one roof at Manhattan's Radio City Music Hall. Natch, estranged lovebirds Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears got the most votes.

"People have made observations that for the first time in memory, Justin and Britney's seats aren't together," MTV guy John Norris told TV Guide Online on the red carpet. "But I think they're getting along okay today."

Of course, seating charts were made to be broken. And who better to pull off such a stunt than Jackass daredevil Johnny Knoxville. "I'll try to get in there early and switch their seats so [Britney and Justin] are seated together," he snickered. "I'll do it just for you."

"How about [Justin's alleged galpal] Janet [Jackson] and Britney in a little catfight?" wondered actor Jesse Bradford, adding, "I think Janet would win. With those abs, she could take a punch."

Not everyone was looking for a fight. "I think it's all about good vibes tonight," said MTV VJ Quddus. "Ultimately, I don't think anybody really wants to see anybody giving the cut eye or giving a sneer. I think everybody is just here to have a good time and enjoy each other's company. That's what it ought to be about."

Yeah, right!

Dirty Vegas vocalist Steve Smith was gunning for Idol judge Simon Cowell. "I think the guy stinks," seethed the Brit. "And he don't want to come near me tonight, 'cause I'll [smack] 'im."

Booted 3LW singer Naturi was clearly hoping to avoid a confrontation with her onetime bandmates. "They've tried to terminate me from the group. Now we're separated and they're 2LW and I'm Naturi," she sighed. "Things are a little tense right now because we haven't talked and communication is key.

"I haven't seen them [tonight], but I know they're gonna be here," she added. "I wish them the best of luck."

Well, that's no fun.