After this year's dramatic turn on The View, with Rosie O'Donnell leading the discussions and picking fights with certain real-estate moguls, she's opting out of next year's contract. I think it's a wise decision. Although Rosie helped View ratings, got the audience stirred up and made the top of video lists and news items, I wasn't settling into her presence on the ABC morning program as well as I have with Meredith Vieira's new gig at Today. So, who would be a better choice for The View? Who would really complement the other ladies and still argue with Elisabeth Hasselbeck? Who could nestle into the comfort (and sometimes uncomfortable) zone of Hot Topics and later avoid public announcements from Barbara Walters trying to smooth over any rumors?

Let us ponder the possibilities....

Paula Abdul is definitely not an option. Ellen DeGeneres would be hilarious mixed with Joy Behar, but we'll let her keep her own show, which commands a funny, friendly and entertaining vibe all in one.

More seriously, though, how about NBC's Campbell Brown? A fan of hers for a while now, I don't think she's utilized enough on Today and could bring a dignity and warmth to the View table. Or skewing toward a younger audience, there's Vanessa Minnillo, who just announced she will not be returning to MTV's TRL after her contract is up. Can she weigh in on worldly issues after being sucked into the Hollywood bubble for so long? Things could get interesting the next time Jessica Simpson drops by to promote a movie (although let's hope she puts out an album instead).

Shout out some ideas below. Is there anyone you think would best fit the mold and breathe new life into the spotlight position Rosie's leaving behind?