This week on the CW's One Tree Hill, casting gets underway for the movie adaptation of Lucas' novel. That means, of course, that the fab five will have to "meet" the big-screen versions of themselves.

Already, gave you an exclusive comprehensive look at who's playing "Lucas," "Peyton," "Brooke," "Nathan" and "Haley." Now here are some video clips of the episode, showing how Tree Hill gets a taste of Hollywood.

In the video below, Julian introduces Brooke to "herself," a prospect which gives Ms. Davis some serious butterflies. As she puts it, "Now I know how people must feel when meeting me for the first time!"

In two other sneak peeks, we've got director Dixon (James Van der Beek) rubbing Lucas and Nathan the wrong way as he casts "Nathan" and "Haley" (watch it here), plus some pillow talk between Julian and his honey. My favorite line from Brooke: "Sex didn't make me popular [in high school]; I made it popular." Hey, she said it. Watch that clip here.