The die-hards have probably seen this already, but I wanted to make sure everyone got a gander. It's the new promo for the Jan. 15 return of the CW's Smallville, and within the rollicking 56 seconds we get:

• Smallville's first Superman blur-inspired costume

• Lana asking Tess — at gunpoint — "Were you this demented before the accident?"

• The three visiting Legionnaires doing a fist-raise that's a little too Wonder Twins for my liking

• Martian Manhunter down!

• Chloe picking Clark up. No, not at a bar. Picking. Him. Up. (Perhaps to cure what ails Ms. Sullivan, we then see the Legionnaires and Clark attempt some sort of "exorcism.")

• Tess telling Lex, "I love you, you son of a ..."

Cool promo, check it out!