The best — and perhaps freakiest! — is yet to come for Fringe fans. That's the good word from John Noble, who plays Dr. Walter Bishop on Fox's freshman spooker.

In Part 1 of our video Q&A with Noble, he offers a glowing overview of Season 1's final six episodes, which begin unspooling this Tuesday at 9 pm/ET.

Noble then details this week's entry, in which a young boy is discovered — alive — in a tunnel that has been sealed off for 70 years. And did we mention he's a Mini-Me of the Observer?

In closing, Noble teases the bejesus out of son Peter's "health issue" and cryptically weighs in on the "clone" theory that has been bandied about.

Watch Part 1 of the Noble Q&A below.

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FRINGE's John Noble previews some new episodes.

Fringe's John Noble talks about two upcoming episodes and hints at what Peter's mystery ailment could be.|Fringe|John Noble|Matt Mitovich|