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Not long after ABC's Desperate Housewives returns this Sunday at 9 pm/ET, Dave Williams will be ready — oh yes, very ready — for his camping excursion with Mike and Katherine.

Having packed a firearm along with his sleeping bag and bug repellent, Neal McDonough says his off-kilter character is "well-equipped to do some devastation on the campground. And the way I go about it is pretty twisted."

In this video Q&A, McDonough also talks of leading lady Nicollette Sheridan's upcoming and "fantastic" send-off, the prospect of Dave having a kinder twin brother, and how this season of Housewives will have a "killer" finale (that's at the 2:00 mark).

All of which begs the question: Could Neal possibly be back next season? Get his answer to that at the 2:25 mark.

The sit-down wraps up with McDonough reflecting on how two gents named Spielberg and Hanks saved his acting career.

Fun and random facts: Neal and I are roughly the same age, we both graduated from Syracuse U., and we were both huge Star Trek fans as kids. Hey, maybe I'm the aforementioned twin brother.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Neal McDonough reveals a secret about an upcoming episode!

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