Neal McDonough Neal McDonough

Not long after ABC's Desperate Housewives returns this Sunday at 9 pm/ET, Dave Williams will be ready — oh yes, very ready — for his camping excursion with Mike and Katherine.

Having packed a firearm along with his sleeping bag and bug repellent, Neal McDonough says his off-kilter character is "well-equipped to do some devastation on the campground. And the way I go about it is pretty twisted."

In this video Q&A, McDonough also talks of leading lady Nicollette Sheridan's upcoming and "fantastic" send-off, the prospect of Dave having a kinder twin brother, and how this season of Housewives will have a "killer" finale (that's at the 2:00 mark).

All of which begs the question: Could Neal possibly be back next season? Get his answer to that at the 2:25 mark.

The sit-down wraps up with McDonough reflecting on how two gents named Spielberg and Hanks saved his acting career.

Fun and random facts: Neal and I are roughly the same age, we both graduated from Syracuse U., and we were both huge Star Trek fans as kids. Hey, maybe I'm the aforementioned twin brother.

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