Speaking with TVGuide.com  at Sunday's Golden Globes, House executive producer Katie Jacobs weighed in on a hot topic and then previewed several twists to come.

Addressing Thirteen and how the heavily played newcomer tends to polarize fans, Jacobs notes that "people hate change, they hate new things," but urges such haters to be patient "because it's a marathon."

At the 1:00 mark, Jacobs previews what's ahead for new mom Cuddy, then literally blurts out a possible scoop about Princeton Plainsboro's boss lady bedding House.

Jacobs then teases a possible exit for one team member, and gives us a look at this year's season finale and how it will rock House's (and thus House's) world. Check it out:

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HOUSE Executive Producer teases hot action and shocking exit ahead.

Matt Mitovich interviews House Executive Producer Katie Jacobs about possible romantic prospects at the 2009 NBC Golden Globes afterparty.|Golden Globe Awards|House|Katie Jacobs|Matt Mitovich|