Spencer Grammer, <I>Greek</i> Spencer Grammer, Greek

The summer has flashed by and school's back in session when ABC Family's recently renewed Greek resumes its second season this Monday at 8 pm/ET.

What's new with the gals and guys? For one, fresh off her D.C. internship, Casey's looking to make a drastic change in her collegiate life.

"She wants to buckle down and really start studying," Spencer Grammer previews in this video Q&A. "She decides to take less of a stand [at the sorority] and develop into her own person."

Grammer talks about whether castmate Michael Rady's increasingly busy dance card means that Casey's romance with Max is 100-percent over. Also, she shares a peek at how Frannie's shocking bid to start up her own sorority is, well, far easier said than done.

Next, Spencer confirms that one of the ZBZ gals will have a crisis of sexuality, "and Casey might placate that in a fun, playful way." The storyline, she teases, "will be an audience-pleaser for everyone." And how.

The sit-down continues with Grammer raving about new addition Jesse McCartney and teasing how Casey and Cappie's push-me/pull-you romance will "come to a head in the season finale."

Last but far from least, I trot out Grammer's sexy new lad-mag photo, which she claims she did all in the name of "trying to pull in a new audience" for Greek. Dare say, it just might work.

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GREEK's Spencer Grammer previews the new season!

Greek's Spencer Grammer swings by to dish on sorority issues, destined loves, and a sexual identiy crisis.|Greek|Spencer Grammer|Matt Mitovich|