John Noble with Joshua Jackson, <I>Fringe</i> John Noble with Joshua Jackson, Fringe

In Part 2 of our video Q&A with John Noble, Fringe's magnificentally mad scientist takes on these topics:

• Has Walter and Peter's relationship evolved? Or is Peter still around out of some sense of obligation?

• Will Walter ever be truly stumped by a mystery?

• Might we ever see Walter out in the field, perhaps toting a gun?

• Is more to be made of Walter's past with Nina Sharp? (Reveals Noble, "It will be a major throughline in the next season.")

• Will we get more flashbacks to a young Walter, perhaps shedding light on his relationship to "the pattern" and/or William Bell (to be played by Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy in this season's finale)?

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FRINGE's John Noble reveals upcoming changes for Walter.

Fringe's John Noble talks his relationship with Peter, Olivia, and if he'll ever get a gun.|Fringe|John Noble|Matt Mitovich|