Laurence Fishburne, <I>CSI</i> Laurence Fishburne, CSI

Remember all that talk last summer about Laurence Fishburne's CSI newcomer perhaps having something genetically in common with serial killers? Although the CBS procedural's producers subsequently backpedaled on such a far-out notion, Dr. Raymond Langston will start to reveal a darker side in upcoming episodes.

"There's going to be an episode where you get to see this 'aggressive tendency,'" Fishburne shares in the video Q&A below.

OK, but just how unsettling can this new side of Langston be? Says Fishburne with a chuckle, "With CSI, you can never worry about being too dark.... I'm anxious to see where it goes."

More in this Fishburne interview: 
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• To what question of mine did Fishburne respond, "Hell, no!"?

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