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Has The X Factor turned Simon Cowell into a new man?

More than a year after bidding American Idol adieu, the new preview for the upcoming series shows the acerbic judge in, yes, a soft pink sweater as he applauds the spirit of a pint-sized prima-donna singing "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow."

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"It's not about me anymore. It's about them," Cowell says in a voice-over as he... struts down a red carpet! "I want to make people's dreams come true. I even think about the environment. My attitude this year? Helping others make a better tomorrow."

But don't worry kids, it's only a horrible nightmare. Cowell wakes up and the commercial cuts to shots of him in his signature too-tight black T-shirts ripping hopeful singers to pieces by calling them everything from "horrific" and "diluted" to "arrogant" and "obnoxious."  

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Not only is Cowell's signature judging style back in fine form in the new promo, but so is his love-hate relationship with fellow judge Paula Abdul. One minute the odd couple are in agreement on a contestant and the next, she's throwing water in his face!

As Cowell asks the camera, "What else did you expect?"

Watch the full preview here:

The X Factor premieres Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 8/7c on Fox.