Back in July (hence the dated iPhone prattle), I had the pleasure of visiting the Buy More. There, I "picked up" three interviews, with Chuck cast members Zachary Levi, Adam Baldwin and Joshua Gomez.

In this first vid, Levi reflects on the comedy's strike-shortened first season, saying, "It's tough when you're off the air" for so long. That said, he's glad to celebrate the series' return on Sept. 29, "which just so happens to be my birthday!"

Levi also talks about his "double"-the-everything promise for Season 2 (at the 2:45 mark), the prospects for Chuck and Sarah moving in together (3:30), and the fine roster of guest stars on the way, including John Larroquette, whom he says "is a god, but not the God."

Also check out my Q&As with Baldwin and Gomez. - Matt Mitovich

We're on the set with CHUCK's tech nerd Zach Levi.

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