Dirty Sexy Money may be "down," but it's not out. Yet. And it is in that spirit that I bring you this video Q&A with William Baldwin and Seth Gabel, aka Patrick and Jeremy Darling.

Addressing the seeming incongruence of a series about the super-rich having appeal during our current economic downturn, Baldwin says, "You might think, 'What the heck do I have in common with these people?' But when you get into the relationships, the drama ... you can identify."

"Some people call [DSM] a 'guilty pleasure,' Baldwin goes on to say. "If it is, it's a darn smart one with an incredibly talented cast."

At the 1:20 mark, Gabel previews Jeremy's romantic prospects, confirming, "He gets involved with someone he really shouldn't, in that she's married. Deduce for yourself." Easy enough!

After Baldwin interrupts to name the "scrumptious" actress he would love to have back on the show, he promises "juicy stuff ahead" for Patrick and girlfriend Carmelita.

As for the wedding in the works for Karen and Simon, Gabel teases, "It's Dirty Sexy Money — you're going to have crazy things happen at any grand event!"

Dirty Sexy Money delivers a fresh episode this Wednesday at 10 pm/ET. For more on the ABC prime-time soaper and its finale, read the Mega Buzz (item No. 5).