Jillian Harris, <I>The Bachelorette</i> Jillian Harris, The Bachelorette

This Monday night on ABC's The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris says she found herself in a situation she was "really uncomfortable with" as "the tables were turned" and she was forced to do something which she, when trying to woo Bachelor Jason Mesnick, did not care for at all.

Also in Part 1 of her TVGuide.com video Q&A, Jillian shares her take on talk that would-be beau Wes is in this purely to promote his music career. She also reveals whether Bryan was right last week in claiming that he got cut after suffering "shrinkage" during his impromptu skinny dip.

Lastly, we ask Jillian if the fella she ultimately gives that final rose to has shown viewers something "special" as of yet.

"I think so," she says with a smile. But before wagering your final bet, she advises, "Wait a few more episodes!"