Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv, <I>Fringe</i> Joshua Jackson and Anna Torv, Fringe

"We've survived," J.J. Abrams noted as reconnected with the Fringe executive producer at Fox's winter TCA soiree. (We had last touched base with him at the summer edition of the semi-annual press event.) "What I love is that Fox has been incredibly supportive."

Out of the gate, Fringe built a sizeable following and garnered strong enough numbers to secure a quick back-nine pick-up. When the series returns this Tuesday, Abrams promises immense satisfaction for viewers existing and new. "We are now making, by far, the best episodes we have ever done," he avows. "What's cool is you've never had to have seen the show before, but if you have, it ends up resolving some massive questions."

Like, will we meet Dr. William Bell? And is Peter the result of one of Walter's experiments? J.J. weighs in on those headscratchers and more in this video.

Abrams also shares his excitement over the release of his Star Trek origins film and reveals just how much (or little) he will be involved with Lost's final seasons.

More brand-new Fringe video: Joshua Jackson previews the rest of Season 1.

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