Veronica Mars by Patrick Ecclesine/The CW Veronica Mars by Patrick Ecclesine/The CW

Speculation has been that if Veronica Mars were to return for another season, the show would undergo a massive change in format that could possibly involve skipping ahead several years in the crime-solver's life. But before all you VM fans panic and start another campaign, there's still a good chance this beloved detective series will remain in the present and move on from there if the network gives it a green light. When creator/producer Rob Thomas put together a pilot of the show four years in the future, hoping the CW's Entertainment president Dawn Ostroff would buy the idea of Veronica as an FBI agent in a sexy Grey's Anatomy-type world, he didn't quite get a standing ovation. Veronica's father, actor Enrico Colantoni, told the Toronto Star, "We shot 10 pages and they saw it and the reaction was, 'That's not our show.'" What Ostroff and others did like was this season's finale (airing May 22). "It was like the first two years, and I think the network was very excited about that," Colantoni said. Looks like Veronica may not have to grow up too fast after all, but rumors are still swarming and the dust hasn't settled on campus just yet. - Megan Cherkezian

UPDATE: Ausiello has exclusive quotes from Mars head honcho Rob Thomas which tell a very different side of the story. Click here for the latest.