Will we ever know what they did last summer? Will we ever know what they did last summer?

As TV's coolest sleuth returns in fresh episodes of UPN's Veronica Mars (Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET), fans are dying to know: What was in the note Weevil wrote Lilly last season? When will Jake Kane and Veronica's mom be back? Well, it's time to get a clue: TVGuide.com readers sent in their burning questions for the show's producers and Mars creator Rob Thomas once again provided the answers in an exclusive Q&A.

Question: Is the big murder mystery this season the bus crash or the murder Logan was accused of? Or both? Shaba
Rob Thomas: We think of the bus mystery as the big mystery and "Who killed Felix?" as the secondary mystery. Veronica is much more involved in the bus-crash investigation. We wanted a secondary mystery that would play largely on other series regulars primarily Weevil and Logan.

Question: Is there any significance to the last name "Mars"? I have recently come across the same name in Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep and the connection seemed to pop out at me. Sarah
Thomas:  No significance beyond liking how the name rolled off the tongue. I believe, though I'm not entirely certain, that the last name "Mars" was in my head because of Chris Mars, the drummer for one of my favorite bands, the Replacements.

Question: Will we find out what happened to Veronica's mother after she took the money and left? Gabriel
Thomas: It's doubtful we'll see Veronica's mother. We might hear about her.

Question: I love Sheriff Lamb. Will we be seeing more of him in future episodes? Meg
Thomas: Yes. We're even surprised here in the writers' room how much we're using the good sheriff. 

Question: Will we get to see Aaron Echolls' trial? And settle a bet for me: Is Veronica's car black or dark green? Jill
Thomas: Veronica's car is black. We will see a bit of Aaron Echolls' trial.

Question: Last season, we were shown many flashbacks chronicling Veronica and Duncan's past relationship. Can we look forward to flashbacks highlighting Veronica and Logan's summer together? Sherry
Thomas: None are in the works, though we never say never. I wouldn't hesitate to use one. Actually, I'm kind of liking that idea. Stay tuned.

Question: Is there any chance of Tina Majorino [aka computer whiz Mac] becoming a series regular in the future? — Pamela
Thomas:  I love Tina. I think there's a great chance.

Question: Are some of the loose ends from last season ever going to be worked into this season? Specifically, are we ever going to see what was in that note that Weevil stole from Lily's room? Penelope
Thomas:  I'll answer the question about the note Lilly left Weevil. We had every intention of revealing it last year, but we just ran short of time. It was an obsessive love letter that hinted at potential violence think of what happens to the unfortunate girl in the trunk in Eminem's "Stan." Weevil knew Veronica was getting close she told him as much and Weevil feared that if anyone found that note, he'd be back in hot water.

Question: With Kyle Secor currently playing the First Gentleman on Commander in Chief, will we see Jake Kane at all this season? Liz
Thomas: We'd love to use Jake, but it's looking unlikely we'll be able to work it out. We are, however, using Kyle Secor's real-life wife, Kari Coleman, in at least two episodes; she'll play a bitterly divorced health teacher.

Question: Is Aaron Echolls being tried for murdering Lilly or attempted murder of Veronica and Keith? Or both? Mouse
Thomas: The whole shebang.

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