Veronica Mars by Patrick Ecclesine/The CW Veronica Mars by Patrick Ecclesine/The CW

Maybe now the healing can begin....

The CW has officially pulled the plug on Veronica Mars. Series creator Rob Thomas confirmed the news for me via e-mail just moments ago.

"I'm afraid I have to report that Veronica Mars is officially dead," he wrote. "At least in TV-show form. There's really no way that it can happen now. I'm not sure the CW should've given the glimmer of hope. I think Dawn Ostroff genuinely would have liked to have continued on with a version of the show, but there was too much resistance around her. At the end of the day, it would've been kinder had the band-aid simply been ripped off rather than peeled away in this agonizingly slow manner."

Ironically, the news comes just as Veronica Mars fans - emboldened by Jericho's 11th-hour resurrection - are in the midst of bombarding the CW with thousands of Mars candy bars in advance of that June 15 deadline.

In light of this development, it might make sense to redirect those deliveries to Warner Bros.' features division - specifically, the folks who would be responsible for greenlighting a Veronica Mars film. Just a thought. If you've got a better idea, by all means, post it below.