Rob Thomas Rob Thomas

Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas will soon be whetting our TV appetites weekly with his new comedy, Party Down.

The program, to be produced for Starz Media, will focus on six Hollywood wannabes who work together at a catering company. With hopes of living the dream starting to fade, the group will serve up the laughs at their catering events — to include everything from Sweet 16s to video porn awards afterparties — in each half-hour episode.

"We'll have opportunity for satirical lampooning of whatever subset the party represents as we tell the ongoing stories of our catering crew," Thomas said. "If the original British version of The Office was a show about people who have given themselves over completely to the rat race, Party Down is a show about people who have chased the dream for far too long."

Note to Mr. Thomas, if you're reading: Having had an insider's look at Party Down's world, this editor's suggestion list for the show runs too long to share in its entirety. A few tidbits, though, include the name-dropping banter that happens on staff dinner breaks, the challenge of finding a women's extra-small tuxedo shirt in Los Angeles and how spilling a platter of buttermilk dressing can bring people together.

What scenes would you recommend for the new series? Party Down debuts in early 2009.