Question: Thank you for the awesome Kristen Bell interview. Now give us those leftover quotes. I'm dying to find out what she thought of the Veronica Mars finale!

Answer: Here you go: "I kind of feel like the way they left it open was the perfect wrap-up to the show. Because had they sealed it in a nice clean box, that's not what the show is about. The show was not about satisfying the viewers. The show was hard to follow, the show was really witty, the show was really sassy it was for intelligent people. So I think it was wrapped up really nicely. That being said, I knew some things that were going to happen in Season 4 that I'm not going to dare say, 'cause that's probably what the movie is going to be about." I, naturally, pressed her for even the teeniest of scoopbits, but she wasn't budging. "I wish I could tell you," she responded, "because it's really good." No worries. I'll get it out of her next time I see her.