Question: Can I vent to you for a moment about Gilmore Girls? Will people please stop complaining about the fact that Rory and Lorelai are fighting? I think this is a healthy, natural part of growing up.

Answer: My beef isn't with the estrangement per se. In fact, I actually like the idea of a little mother-daughter conflict, if for no other reason than no one produces better happy-eventual-ending episodes than Team Palladino. My problem with it is that AS-P is bogging down the prereunion shows with too many secondary characters in suddenly primary roles. For instance, I love Kirk, but I don't want to spend half an hour watching him sell engagement rings to Luke. In the same vein, I like (definitely don't love) Luke's brother-in-law, but I really didn't like (hated, even) the major subplot about his inferiority complex as a contractor. That said, last night's episode was a major improvement. The showdown between Emily and Logan's mother more than exceeded my expectations. And the scene between Luke and Lorelai in the dinner reminded me why I love these two as a couple. I only wish they could've sealed things with a kiss, but, hey, you can't have everything.