Lala might have quit Vanderpump Rules, but the controversial SUR hostess is serving up plenty of drama in her final episodes.

In this exclusive sneak peek of Monday's episode, Lala, Ariana, Scheana and Katie have a sit-down by the dumpster in the SUR alley to hash out all their drama. Well, not all their drama - just the drama surrounding the rumors that Lala is dating a married man whose wife found out about the affair when she discovered a sex tape. That drama.

In the video above, Lala continues to insist she hasn't been anyone's mistress, but she does cop to covering up her relationship as part of an "acting game." LOL, WUT?

"I was trying to cover up dating the guy I have - I guess ex, as of yesterday morning - because I just didn't want to talk about it. And I felt like, 'Oh, this is a little fun, acting game," Lala says.

Lala Kent quits Vanderpump Rules

Katie, unsurprisingly, doesn't accept Lala's explanation — or her previous apology for body-shaming her "summer body" — and so Katie rolls her eyes so far into the back of her heard we're surprised they didn't get stuck there. And that, my friends, is when Lala delivers this epic response: "What? Do I need to finger you to make you forget?"

To see Katie's response to this fresh batch of horror, watch the full video above. And don't forget to catch Vanderpump Rules Mondays on Bravo at 9/8c.