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Oh, what the howl? After last week's jaw-dropping face-off between Mystic Falls' vampires and werewolves, it sounds like things are about to get even more hair-raising on The Vampire Diaries. "The werewolves want vengeance so bad," says executive producer Kevin Williamson. "And now that Jules knows Tyler is a werewolf, she gives him a choice to make: Is he with the werewolves?"

Siding with the furrier folks in town could come with a hefty price — especially for a certain Salvatore in possession of that mysterious moonstone — but given the shaky state of his relationship with Caroline, young Mr. Lockwood doesn't really have a pack of options. "He doesn't know whom to trust because Caroline lied to him about everything," says Williamson. "He's very lonely and vulnerable, but he's also an aggressive guy, so he may not respond appropriately."

Nor will the hotheaded hottie likely roll over once a threat of a more romantic nature develops. "Matt comes into play as the triangle with Caroline and Tyler heats up," confirms Williamson, adding that another couple are headed for some upheaval as well. "Stefan and Elena ditch town and go to the Lake House, and it's all nice and sweet and romantic [until] maybe someone finds them and it all ends in a bloodbath!" laughs Williamson. "Let's just say, s--t goes down."

Which means the body count, we suspect, will be going up.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

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