Michael Trevino and Matt Davis Michael Trevino and Matt Davis

Class is in session on The Vampire Diaries — except this is one awkward lesson.

On the Season 6 premiere, Professor Saltzman (Matt Davis) is at the head of the class, while Elena (Nina Dobrev) hides behind her book and Liv (Penelope Mitchell) obnoxiously laughs at the day's topic: the occult as it pertains to resurrection.

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"Is there something funny, Liv?" Alaric asks.

"More like, ironic," she snarks back. (We have to give her that one considering the events of the Season 5 finale.)

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But that's not our favorite part of sneak peek. Before the end, Tyler (Michael Trevino) — muscle tee and all — pops into class, sits down and banters with the blonde witch. Do we sense some major post-hook-up tension? Will that back-and-forth will lead to something in the bedroom? And side note: How great is it to have Tyler back in school? For a second, it feels like old-school Mystic Falls High!

Watch the clip and share your thoughts and predictions:

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